Military People Revolution is a Go! #MPR

Vemma Executive Brand Partner, Charlton Go has always been an ambitious man. The founder of the Military People Revolution group (MPR), Charlton is on active duty in the U.S. Navy, stationed in San Diego, and trains hard to keep fit. “Boxing keeps me in good shape,” he says. “I plan to train my daughter to be a boxer when she’s older, just like my father trained me in martial arts. He told me and my brother (a two-time Olympian in Tae Kwon Do) that becoming skilled in martial arts was the way we’d rise out of poverty.” In many ways, Charlton’s father was right. Thanks to his athletic skill, Charlton was offered a scholarship to college in the Philippines, which opened the door to coming to America a few years later. “I was on track to competing in the Olympics in Tae Kwon Do, but I gave up this dream for something better — to come to America.”

Building a strong Vemma business while on active duty

Charlton discovered Vemma by watching a YouTube video Brad Alkazin put out. He found Brad on Facebook, messaged him, and later enrolled under him. “I knew a lot about the industry and just needed the right company. There is no comparison out there — Vemma is the best!” Charlton loves the Vemma products and has built a large organization, including two new, recently promoted Diamonds. “I really believe in the Gold packs. I tell people, Vemma wouldn’t offer these if they didn’t help you build your business. On my last military deployment, I got 32 people on Gold packs in two months.”* Charlton says that doing the business while on ship requires a different game plan than while on land. “For the first few months of deployment, we promote customers. People love the products and look forward to getting their shipment. In the last few months, we work in the business. We’ve found that this works best with active duty military personnel.”

Creating success from humble beginnings

My wife and I grew up in poverty in the Philippines (we’ve been friends since childhood). After coming to America, I slaved away at minimum wage jobs for five years before I could bring her to America and marry her.” He joined the Navy soon after that, but money was still tight and they found themselves living paycheck to paycheck, like so many Americans. “After four years of being stationed in San Diego, I had a negative bank account and issues paying rent. Soon after I thought I’d hit rock bottom, my wife announced that she was pregnant, which sparked my desire to provide the lifestyle for my family that I’ve always dreamed of. That’s when I started my Vemma business and joined forces with Brad Alkazin.”

“My daughter is my motivation for building my Vemma business,” Charlton states. “She was born while I was deployed, so I didn’t see her until she was two months old. I have always been an ambitious and goal-oriented person, but having a family has fueled my desire for success. I want my daughter to grow up with the lifestyle I imagine — the lifestyle that Vemma can provide her.

While building this legendary culture of Gold packs, Charlton has also been expanding into other countries (English is his fourth language), spending time with his wife (who is also in the Navy) and enjoying his nine-month-old daughter.

Living the American Dream

After nine years in the U.S., Charlton says living the American Dream finally seems possible. “Thanks to Vemma, I’ve accomplished my dreams of becoming financially stable.* I started the Military People Revolution (MPR), hit the rank of Executive, earned my Vemma Platinum Club BMW, and I’m now making more money on a weekly basis with the Vemma opportunity than I do in the military.* I’m loyal to the military and grateful for my opportunity with them — joining the Navy got me away from working at McDonald’s! — but it’s thanks to Vemma that I drive a BMW and can provide the extras for my wife and daughter.* I hope to be Presidential by Convention.” Charlton Go is the epitome of hard work, determination, honor, courage and commitment. As a company, and as your Vemma friends, we salute you!


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