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BK Boreyko to Host Monthly Vemma Call LIVE August 5 July 30th, 2014

              The inaugural Vemma Call LIVE on July 1 was such a huge success that we decided to do it... Read Article

cassie before

Cassie Finds Happiness with Help of Extreme Weight Loss and Vemma Bod•ē July 30th, 2014

For nearly two decades, Cassie Kraemer slowly saw her health decline as she developed unhealthy habits as... Read Article

New Rank Advancements

Announcing New Rank Advancements! July 29th, 2014

We’d like to celebrate the success of the following Affiliates who have taken their Vemma business opportunity to new... Read Article

John Clifford_Photo_USE AS IS

On the Road to Success with the Vemma Premier Club July 29th, 2014

Envision your hands gripping the wheel of a brand-new car or having your college tuition costs reduced by hundreds of... Read Article


Overcoming Obstacles – Message of the Month with Ian Lenhart July 22nd, 2014

Twenty-one-year-old Ian Lenhart found success after an initial failure in an unproven and untested Vemma market.  He... Read Article