• monstermashsmoothie

    Vemma Recipes: Monster Mash Bod•ē Smoothie

    Blend up this spooky Bod•ē smoothie just in time for Halloween, in the perfect shade of monster green! Ingredients: 2 scoops of Vemma Bod·ē Shake mix, Vanilla Ice Cream ¼ cup of blueberries 1 tsp of […]

  • hoovey family picture

    Hoovey: The True Story of the Elliott Family

    New movie set to debut in early 2015 When tragedy strikes Ruth and Jeff Elliott were your typical American family. Jeff worked as a firefighter. The couple had two children and lived a down-home lifestyle […]

  • new-customer-double-bonus-10.23

    DOUBLE Your New Customer Bonus

    Limited-time promotion available Friday, Oct. 3 through Oct. 30, 2014 Update 10.8.14: Now also available in Canada! DOUBLE your New Customer Bonus only during the month of October! The Vemma® Formula is the foundation of […]

  • Escape Hard Rock main banner

    This Vemma Escape News is Going to Rock Your World

    Change is a GOOD thing. And in the case of your Vemma Escape Trip, it’s a GREAT thing. As you probably know, the 2014 Vemma Escape incentive trip has been relocated from a hurricane-devastated Los […]

  • BK blog 10.23

    Nov. 4 Vemma Call LIVE is a Can’t-Miss Event

    The Vemma Call is still a few weeks away, which gives you time to make plans to attend. While you can always tune in on Ustream or dial in on your phone, there’s a certain […]

  • Go-for-Gold-final-month

    Final Weeks to Go for Gold

    10/17 UPDATE: Qualification Date Extended to November 27 Qualify by October 30 to earn your ticket to Go for Gold December 5-6! Time is running out to qualify for the exclusive Go for Gold event […]

  • Main-AZ Convention

    Vemma Convention is Coming Home in 2015

    Vemma Training Convention to be held at the Phoenix Convention Center June 11-14, 2015 A new, 51,000-square-foot Vemma Home Office. The impressive Vemma manufacturing facility. The Verve Lounge at US Airways Arena. It’s all in […]