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Vemma Renew Ingredient: Silica

Vemma Renew Ingredient: Silica

What is Silica? The miracle mineral, silica is an ingredient known to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. Plant-sourced silica and a full dose of the Vemma formula are included in the ultra-premium beverage Vemma Renew. Silica, or silicon dioxide (SiO2), derives from the element Silicon, but don’t confuse it with the dry gel […]


Question of the Day: Why does Vemma sometimes taste a little different?

Vemma® is committed to providing you with the daily, ultra-premium nutrition you count on for optimal health. For that, we turn to high-quality, natural ingredients. From time to time, there may be differences in taste and color of a product due to seasonal fluctuations for the mangosteen harvest used in every Vemma product. For instance, […]

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Bod·ē Approved Recipes: Southwestern Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey is a weight loss favorite protein. But sometimes it lacks that satisfying boost of flavor to get you through the day. Don’t fret; we have added some Southwestern spice to kick boring turkey burgers to the curb. Ingredients: 10 oz ground turkey 1 oz (2 Tbsp) silken tofu ½ tsp ground cumin ¼ […]

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Vemma Recipes: The Healthier Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

Oh Thanksgiving dinner, how we love thee. As we gobble up moist golden turkey, buttery corn, marshmallowed yams, yummy mashed carbs (I mean potatoes) and jellied cranberries, we blissfully ignore the fact that everything we worked for this week, as far as diet and exercise are concerned, has been kicked to the curb. As we sit […]

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Vemma Recipes: Low-Carb Chicken and Tomato Salad

Looking for an alternative to your usual humdrum chicken salad? This is the perfect recipe to eat on your Low-Carb Day for a snack or dinner. Ingredients: 1 medium boneless, skinless chicken breast (4–6 oz) 1 tsp olive oil or safflower oil ¼ tsp garlic pepper seasoning blend 1 ½ cups torn mixed greens ¼ […]

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New Verve Energy Pack Mixes It Up

Now available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico The new Verve Energy Pack is ready to ship to your door, and you are going to love how we’ve mixed it up! With two Vemma® Variety Packs, plus 24 cans of our newest Verve, ReMIX™, and a “You’re Gonna Love This” brochure, you’ll be stocked up […]


Vemma Recipes: Monster Mash Bod•ē Smoothie

Blend up this spooky Bod•ē smoothie just in time for Halloween, in the perfect shade of monster green! Ingredients: 2 scoops of Vemma Bod·ē Shake mix, Vanilla Ice Cream ¼ cup of blueberries 1 tsp of honey 1 cup of baby spinach ½ cup of green tea, brewed and chilled ½ cup of water Directions: Brew […]


Striking Gold

More stories from newly-minted Gold Affiliates Around the world, people from all walks of life are discovering Vemma® as an opportunity to create another level of freedom in their lives. High-quality nourishment for their bodies. A positive culture to plug into. An additional stream of income to relieve burdens. Unmatched relationships to fulfill their lives. […]

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Vemma Recipes: Apple Pie Protein Shake

This Apple Pie Protein Shake tastes just like the apple pie your mama used to make! It’s the best treat on your Guilt-Free Day. Ingredients: 2 scoops of Vemma Bod·ē Shake mix, Vanilla Ice Cream 8 oz of skim milk 1 honey crisp apple, peeled and diced ½ banana Dash of cinnamon and nutmeg Ice […]

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Vemma Shareables — Liquid Nutrition

Vemma Shareables — Spread the word with inspiration to live by. If you’ve taken multivitamin pills in the past and felt little results, there may be a reason why. Ingredients listed on a label mean little if your body doesn’t absorb them! 3 reasons why liquid nutrition is the way to go: It’s much easier […]