Verve ReMIX Smashes Records in First 24 Hours

verve remix

Verve ReMIX smashes records in first 24 hours

10,000 cans of Verve ReMIX handed out. 1,785 cases of ReMIX sold on-site.

That’s a record-breaking 43,000 cans of the new Verve ReMIX in the hands of Affiliates in just 24 hours.

And we haven’t even run the numbers for online sales yet.

Verve ReMIX is a game changer, about to take on energy drink giants at similar price points (it’s just $2 a can!).

The best part? You can STILL get in on the 40/40/40 deal on ReMIX until 5 a.m. PST tomorrow, Sunday, April 27. Go online to and grab as many 1-Packs of Verve ReMIX as you want at a special launch price of just $40 (regularly $48.95) and receive 40 QV. This promotion is open to Affiliates in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. Don’t wait!

Here’s what Vemma Affiliates are saying about Verve ReMIX:

“Verve ReMIX tastes amazing! At the $2 price point it’ll be a game-changer because it eliminates the biggest barrier to entry.” — Vemma Presidential Brad Sarver

“ReMIX is liquid awesomeness! The cost per can will eliminate the price barrier and opens the flood gates of a whole new wave of price-savvy customers.” — Vemma Executive Brian Murray

“Verve ReMIX tastes like cycles, and smells like money.” — Vemma Presidential Colo Jacob

Verve ReMIX changes the game with a fresh approach to energy and taste! ReMIX is ultra-premium nutrition remixed in a way you’ve got to taste to believe. ReMIX includes a unique mix of the Vemma formula and offers all of the great things you know and love about Verve, at a competitive price.

At Vemma, we do our best to stay on the cutting-edge when it comes to technology, our compensation plan, and of course — our products. Our newest Verve addition to debut at All In Convention has the same price per unit as competitors like Red Bull, while offering superior ingredients that blow away our rivals.

Turn it up and ReMIX your night! Order your case now by visiting

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