New Vemma Terminology Update


Introducing Vemma 2.0, an all-new way to describe and think about how Vemma represents itself in the marketplace with increased transparency. More Amazon meets nutrition, less Avon or Amway. You order online or through our app and product appears at your door, very like!

As some of you may know, employs an affiliate program rewarding websites that drive traffic with commissions. Vemma is going to begin branding its compensation program with more affiliate marketing terms than network marketing terms, to better describe our advanced business model. Vemma’s Compensation Plan won’t change; we’ll just describe it differently in updated terms to better explain how we do business. For example, we no longer call you a Brand Partner; instead, we use the term Affiliate. When people ask what you do, it’ll be a simple conversation. We do two things: get customers and discover Affiliates.

All People's Revolution! Vemma’s best leaders usually come from someone who has a great experience with our products, and that’ll continue. It’s a pretty simple change that really isn’t much different from what we’ve been doing — just a better way to describe what we do so people better understand with more modern terminology. The Vemma opportunity is about conversations, and when you get a conversation off in the right direction, it makes telling our story so much easier.

Additional terminology changes include: Brand Partner is now referred to as Affiliate, Builder Pack is now Affiliate Pack, Fast Start Bonus was replaced with the New Customer Bonus, Momentum Bonus is now known as Balanced Team Bonus, and Platinum Club is now Premier Club.


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