Is Vemma a Scam?

Unfortunately with people today, most are down on what they’re not up on. Vemma was started eight years ago, and in the first seven years there was little to no buzz as our Brand Partners and corporate team worked and clawed to the coveted $10 million a month sales mark last July. In this $167 billion industry, out of thousands of companies only about 100 reach that level.  When the buzz started social media blew up with hype about Vemma, the Verve brand, the Young People Revolution (YPR), and the Bod•ē brand becoming endorsed by TV Celebrity Transformation Specialists Heidi & Chris Powell. What took Vemma seven years to pull off, doubled in just 12 months as Vemma sales hit $20 million a month. Like with anything popular in this world, you’ll always find a critic.