Chris Powell Helps Mehrbod Get Healthy and Get Busy Living

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Mehrbod MohammadiLast night on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris and Heidi Powell helped 32-year-old Music Producer and DJ Mehrbod Mohammadi of Los Angeles, California face up to his food addiction and lose over 200 pounds.** Other than his weight issues, Mehrbod started the show with just about everything else he could want: a devoted girlfriend, a promising career in a field he loves, and strong support from friends and family. What might surprise EWL fans is that this talented guy with a partying career and a bucket-load of support nearly gave up at one point. “I fell on my face towards the end of the journey,” says Mehrbod, “so I reached out for help, and Chris and Heidi took me in with open arms. They helped me get back to my goal, and I ended the year weighing in at my goal weight of 230 pounds!** Chris and Heidi are no longer my trainers, they are a part of my family now and I love them dearly.”

Facing a food addiction and getting a plan

Mehrbod, Bode ProductsAs a child, Mehrbod and his family left Tehran, Iran to come to the US during the Iran-Iraq war to escape a war-torn country. From this experience, Mehrbod learned that food was scarce and you should eat whenever food was available. Eventually hitting 509 pounds, Mehrbod realized what his food addiction was doing to his health after watching a video of himself gasping for breath while sleeping. “My girlfriend video taped me sleeping and I stopped breathing in the middle of the night, then she woke me up and showed me the video. I saw myself dying and it was so scary to watch — I could not run away from it. I knew that I had a hard time getting rest and knew I might have sleep apnea, but I was always afraid of facing the truth. The next day I wrote a letter to Chris Powell asking for his help. Since I knew the chances of someone getting on Extreme Weight Loss was pretty slim, I also went to my doctor and told him I wanted a gastric bypass. He told me I had to lose 20 percent of my weight before they would qualify me for surgery. So I started on their diet and was down over 70 pounds when Chris surprised me about being on the show. So, thank God, I ended up not getting the gastric bypass and Chris helped me lose weight the healthy way.”

Learning from the best

“Aside from the weight loss, the best part of the journey was working with Chris and Heidi because I had two people that were always there when I needed them and they genuinely cared about every aspect of my life. On top of that they are full of knowledge, and who better to guide you than them? I am happy that there’s a Bod•ē app so that people who aren’t on the show, and don’t have access to Chris and Heidi like we did, can be just a click away from learning from them in the same way they guided us.”

Powering up with Chris Powell Bod•ē Shakes

Mehrbod, Before and After “Bod•ē was an amazing part of my journey,” shares Mehrbod, who was supplied with Bod•ē products by Vemma during his 12-month journey. “I jump-started my day with Bod•ē Burn every day. Before I would leave the house it was my go-to. It gave me my protein, vitamins and it gave me that boost I needed for my morning workouts.** I also used Chris Powell Bod•ē Shakes as one of my snacks throughout the day. Not only did I love the taste, it works amazing to kill your hunger and feed your muscles.** There is no better product on the market.”

Happy times … the new Mehrbod

During his 12-month journey on Extreme Weight Loss, Mehrbod lost 204 pounds, going from a size 68 pants to a size 38.** Counting the weight Mehrbod lost in the months before going on the show, Mehrbod has lost a total of 279 pounds in less than 18 months!** “This year was an amazing year for all of us on the show and especially for me,” says Mehrbod, who attributes much of his success in the last leg of the journey to Chris and Heidi’s support. “I feel like a new person. No one recognizes me anymore — it’s the funniest thing. I walk to places and people I have known for years ask me my name.” Accustomed to being stared at because of his size, Mehrbod appreciates simple things like the confidence that comes from walking into a place looking and feeling his best. “It feels good to do all the activities that I used to want to do before and did not because of my weight, like biking, hiking, skiing, playing basketball and tennis. I missed so many things due to my weight. I feel like I have been given a new chance on life. There’s a quote that says, ‘You can get busy living or you can get busy dying.’ I was trapped and dying in my old body, and now I feel free, like I can do anything I want. So now I am getting busy living with my loved ones and doing everything I always wanted to do. Happy times!”


**Results not typical, you may not do as well. Two pilot studies conducted by Vemma showed that 55 participants who followed the Vemma Bod•ē Transformation Plan for 12 weeks using Vemma Bod•ē Burn, Bod•ē Rest and Bod•ē Cleanse, lost an average of 14.8 pounds. Not all participants will complete the plan, or accurately follow the directions and guidelines of the plan. Vemma Nutrition Company recommends you follow a healthy approach to weight loss by consulting with your physician or healthcare provider before starting any new exercise, diet plan, nutrition or supplementation program, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications. The Vemma Bod•ē products as part of the Vemma Bod•ē Transformation Plan should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and 10 minutes of daily exercise.