Bod•ē 2.0 Mobile App – Download Now!

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This FREE, award-winning Bod•ē App allows you to have Chris and Heidi Powell act as YOUR OWN personal trainers, coaching you every day, easily on your smartphone. Available for iPhone and Android, the Bod•ē App motivates, inspires and keeps you engaged on every step of your body transformation journey, to help you achieve your goal weight. Search “Vemma Bode” in your App store to start using the amazing features, including:

• 84 daily video tips from Chris and Heidi Powell
• Up to 6 text notifications per day to keep you on track
• Reminders of when and what to eat
• Carb cycle schedule on a daily, tomorrow and next week view
• Grocery list builder based on your Bod•ē recipes
• Recipe favorites
• Fast food menu that lists the “carb-cycle approved” menu items from the top 20 restaurant chains
• Progress tracker with weekly progress photo upload
• Chris Powell 12-Week Bod•ē Challenge entry form